Enercore Projects Ltd Sold To Clough Ltd

Oct 27, 2015 by

encore projects ltd Canada

A key engineering organisation based in Calgary, Canada has been purchased for a whopping ten million united states dollars. Enercore Projects Ltd has been purchased for the huge fee by a well known engineering company located in Australia Previously, the company specialised in oil and gas engineering.

The sale of Enercore Projects has been put down to the recent downturn in the price of oil. Previously the oil market was a huge part of Alberta’s economy but, the low price has meant that the industry has had to reshape in order to survive.

Enercore Projects Ltd has been operational for over nine years and has built up a great reputation. The company employ around seventy people in the local area and until recently, were a privately owned company. The announcement that it has been sold came last Friday.

clough ltdEnercore Projects Ltd has been sold to Clough Ltd. It will be re branded to Clough Enercore and will add to Clough Ltd’s list of businesses. Clough Ltd provide construction, procurement and engineering services to a range of sectors and Clough Enercore will help the company crack the Canadian market.

Currently in the United States, Clough Ltd has more than one thousand engineers that work in house. As mentioned, the company previously originated in Australia but, entered the American market in 2014. The company have a team comprising of engineers based in Houston, Texas and Baltimore. The Baltimore division are a little more specialist, this team of engineers specialise in liquefied natural gas engineering.

The sale has helped secure jobs at Enercore which could have otherwise been at risk. The founder and current president of Enercore Projects Ltd has even secured his job and will remain the president when the company changes to Clough Enercore.

In a statement Founder and President of Enercore Projects Ltd, Greg Roemer explained that by joining forces with the Clough group, the company will be able to access bigger oil and gas jobs in the Canadian market. The sale will also help support Clough’s other engineering projects that take place across the globe.

The Chief Executive of Clough, Kevin Gallagher also explained how Enercore Projects is a welcome addition to the company. He explained that they were a great fit and allowed the company to stick to its international expansion plan.

Clough is almost a century old, having been founded in 1919. The company is owned by the South African engineering and construction giants Murray & Roberts.

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Employment Drops In The Oil and Gas Industry

Sep 18, 2015 by

It is not good news for the UK’s oil and gas industry. It has been predicted that the market will have to cut further jobs and cut costs heavily over the next year. This is despite the fact the industry has already shed more than sixty five thousand jobs over the last twenty months.

oil and gas employment

The sixty five thousand figure was announced in the annual economic report for oil and gas UK which was released at the beginning of September. The report looked in detail at the amount of people that are currently employed in the oil and gas industry and compared it to the previous year. Unfortunately, it showed that the employment figure had experienced a heavy fall. In 2014, the industry had four hundred and forty thousand employees and now the industry has only three hundred and seventy five thousand.

There are a number of reasons why employment figures have dropped so heavily but, the main cause has been put down to the drop in the price of oil.

Unfortunately there is more doom and gloom to come, as those three hundred and seventy five thousand UK employees are still not safe. The chief executive of the oil and gas industry body has explained how more jobs losses will happen and more cuts will be made in order to make it through the oil and gas crisis. This statement may come as a surprise to many as the oil and gas industry have recently seen a production increase of three per cent.

Give your oil and gas resume a boost

The Oil and Gas industry in the UK has repeatedly asked for increased treasury incentives and for more tax cuts. These requests have so far been ignored. The industry hopes that if their demands are met, the industry would be able to increase margins, boost investment and cut decommissioning costs.

The latest Brent crude oil price shows that the price was only forty three dollars in August. To put this price into perspective, the Brent crude oil price a year previous was double.

The oil and gas industry has already slashed a staggering eight hundred million pounds on current assets in 2015 alone. Next year there are plans to slash a further one point three billion pounds.

But there is some hope for the industry as the total output is predicted to rise in 2015. This will be the first time it has risen in over fifteen years which is a great sign. However, the oil and gas industry must cut the operation cost for each barrel of oil.

Currently one barrel of oil costs around seventeen pounds and eighty pence but in 2016, the oil and gas industry want to reduce this cost to fifteen pounds.

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Sep 4, 2015 by

wood group oil and gas companyAs the price of oil continues to decrease, more and more oil and gas companies are making the difficult decision to make many of their North Sea workers redundant. Recently, we have seen some of the biggest oil and gas organisations take this action, Shell, BP and Centrica to name a few. But, now we are also starting to see companies that work with the big oil and gas players make redundancies too.

Wood Group is one such example. They are currently based in Aberdeen and since December the company has lost almost ten per cent of its workforce. Its workforce in 2014 was noted to be at eleven thousand, now the company is reported to have a workforce of just ten thousand. Quite a dramatic drop I’m sure you will agree.

It has been estimated that around twelve thousand people have lost their jobs globally and that number is only set to increase as the oil price continues to drop.

Wood Group in a nutshell works on the plumbing for companies like Shell and BP. Along with providing plumbing, the Wood Group also helps the big oil and gas organisations by providing technical infrastructure and engineering support.

Former Chief Executive of Oil and Gas UK, Malcolm Webb has shared his opinion on the situation. He claims that the Wood Group is vitally important to the oil and gas sector and he explains how it is incredibly important to Britain’s economy. In fact, he claims it is worth a whopping twenty seven billion pounds to the British economy.

Despite these redundancies, Wood Group boss Mr Keiller has explained that the North Sea still has a big part to play and will be a key part of the UK’s manufacturing future. He continues to explain that the UK has some of the best oil and gas engineers and oil and gas engineering skills. These skills can be transferred and used on a number of different projects in countries across the world.

Redundancies are never a nice thing, but it would seem that the oil and gas companies that are making these difficult decisions are doing so in order to survive. The oil and gas industry in the UK alone employs around four hundred thousand people, so the companies are trying to protect as many employees as possible.

The oil and gas industry is making changes that should help improve the current situation. But, there may be a possibility of more job losses as there is no guarantee that the situation will improve.

Mr Keiller is not willing to predict whether the price of oil will increase or continue to decrease because many people get it wrong. However he did state that currently he sees no sign of the price increasing.
We do want to mention that although this article is sharing some of the more gloomier aspects of the current North Sea oil and gas sector, many other areas are growing.

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220,000 Gallons Of Raw Sewage Spilled Into The Ocean Because Of Failed Plug Valve

Aug 14, 2015 by

regional water agency

Across the Atlantic in Lovers Point, California a failed plug valve has caused a substantial amount of irreversible damage. The failed plug valve allowed an estimated 220,00 gallons of raw sewage to flood into the ocean. The spill was so severe that it took over 6 hours to rectify and it is fair to say that the Monterey Regional Water Quality Control Agency is not happy. In fact, they are currently working hard to ensure that the incident never ever happens again.

So what exactly happened? The pump station that is situated at Lovers Point was in the process of having some maintenance repairs done when workers found a faulty plug valve. This failed valve then allowed over 220,000 gallons of raw sewage to leak out and spill into the ocean. Unfortunately, the spill was not easy to contain as it then took over 6 hours to stop and fix.

Since the accident, there have been talks to add backup valves just in case a plug valve fails again. Rumours suggest that back up valves will be provided to every pumping station to ensure this problem never reoccurs. This is great news for plug valve manufacturers but the bad news does not stop there for the Monterey Regional Water Quality Control Agency.

mrwpcaThe spill only reminds the Monterey Regional Water Quality Control Agency of how old the pipelines actually are. With old age comes a considerable amount of maintenance and repairs, in fact the repairs have have got so bad the city has had to step in and help improve the pipes conditions in order to stop more leaks from happening in the future.

The city began working on the pipes over seven years ago and to be fair the pipelines have seen a lot of improvements since their involvement, but maintaining a sewer system is a fairly big and ongoing job. Of course, when accidents like this happen, the city and the Monterey Regional Water Quality Control Agency come under fire and now have a much bigger job to deal with.

When the spill happened, the county’s health department had to get involved. Residents and visitors to Lover’s Point Beach were advised to avoid the water for a short period of time. But, the damage had already been done as sewage can not be cleaned out of the ocean.

Scott Kathey, an emergency response coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary was contacted about the effects the spill could have.

“It is hard to say. Obviously the plume is going to spread. Any kind of effects would be long-term.”

Lets hope no more plug valves fail.

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Give your oil and gas resume a boost!

Jun 19, 2015 by

Give your oil and gas resume a boost!

Resumes are extraordinary approach to shroud everything else around your work area. There are many people looking for oil and gas jobs, with and without the experience to get them. When you post a vacant position, you will be immersed with resumes. That you don’t have any sort of applicant tracking software, you will need to audit every single resume by hand. This may take you a few minutes per resume so as to put them on the “keep” heap or put them on the” hurl” heap.

How about we do a little math. It’s not phenomenal to catch wind of the company getting 1000 resumes for oil and gas jobs. If it takes you three minutes to survey will resume to figure out if they are qualified or not, its going to take you 3000 minutes to get past the majority of the resumes. If you are working without anyone else’s input, this will be a sum of 50 hours of work – well more than one week.

refinery-514010_640Notwithstanding sorting the resumes, you additionally need to set up preliminary interviews with the majority of the people who are qualified. Considering that a preliminary interview is likely going to take one to two hours per person, you will need to attempt and short rundown of that heap however much as could reasonably be expected so you don’t spend over a day leading preliminary interviews.

When you have oil and gas jobs, you likely need to lead personal verifications. This is to guarantee that everybody is who they say they are and that they have no criminal records. By doing some personal investigations, you can stay away from issues in the work environment.

All said and done, you will probably burn through 2 to 3 weeks to fill a solitary one of the oil and gas jobs that you have open. This is not something that you have time for. This is the reason more companies are turning their thoughtfulness regarding recruitment companies.

You can hire a recruitment company to discover the greater part of your oil and gas jobs for you. They practice inside of the oil and gas industry and they continually have coming in and rounding out applications with them. Proficient scouts have officially sorted out the majority of the resumes and removed those that don’t have a place. This implies that when you call a recruitment company to help you fill a job, they likely as of now have five or 10 resumes that can be sent to you for audit.

The main thing that you must be responsible for is the last hire. This implies that you may need to direct one and only or two interviews so as to choose who you need to hire and kick the paperwork off.

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